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Orthodox Conundrum

Oct 23, 2023

Israel's war against Hamas has brought the Jewish people together in ways many of us have never before experienced. It also has brought new halachic and hashkafic challenges to light that, as religious Jews, we are obligated to address.

In this episode, Scott spoke to Rav Yoni Rosensweig about some of these challenges, including the right and wrong way to engage in self-reflection, what sorts of actions we can all be doing now in order to help the war effort and ourselves, the ways that we should face the fact that this seems like a time of hester panim, of G-d’s hiding His face, and how we should face our fears in a healthy and Jewish way. Rav Yoni also discussed numerous halachic queries, including questions regarding using phones on Shabbat, the idea of a soldier writing a document to avoid his wife's (G-d forbid) becoming an aguna, the kashrut of food sent to the front from unknown sources, and more.

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