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Orthodox Conundrum

Dec 10, 2017

THIS PODCAST CONTAINS EXPLICIT MATERIAL. LISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. Rabbi Yosef Karo's halachic opinion on non-vaginal intercourse, as expressed in the Shulchan Aruch, is often seen as standard and normative. The reality, however, is much more complex. In this episode of the Orthodox Conundrum podcast, Scott Kahn talks with Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro, author of Halachic Positions: What Judaism Really Says About Passion in the Marital Bed, about the influence of the Zohar upon the presumed normative halacha, and about the surprising halachic ramifications with which most people are unfamiliar. (This is the fourth episode of a multi-part series on Sexuality and Jewish Law on The Orthodox Conundrum.) To order Rabbi Shapiro's book, go to Music: Happy Rock by