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Orthodox Conundrum

Aug 7, 2023

In Episode 99, entitled "The Orthodox Community's Obsession with Materialism," Scott spoke with Rabbi Jeremy Wieder about lavish weddings, luxurious vacations, over-the-top camp programs, and more. But unfortunately, the topic wasn't exhausted; the problem is still here, and there are many other issues that need to be addressed. Among these are whether materialism per se is a violation of Torah, or only if that consumption is conspicuous; in what ways hedonism is inimical to spiritual growth and Torah values; if the problem is the amount we spend, or a general emphasis on lifestyle and possessions; how the high price of yeshiva tuition contributes to the problem; the issue of unethical and illegal business schemes infiltrating many Orthodox communities (and perhaps being ignored); the lessons we failed to learn from Covid; why speaking about materialism matters even if it doesn't seem that anything is changing; and much more.

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