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Orthodox Conundrum

Aug 22, 2018

The Israeli Chief Rabbinate has become a lightning rod for criticism - and in many cases, quite deservedly so. The institution is broken; should we try to fix it, or junk it altogether? Rabbi Seth Farber, the founder of ITIM, believes that it can be a force for good - but only if it changes its narrow and, in his opinion, incorrect understanding of Halacha and its place in the State of Israel. In this episode of The Orthodox Conundrum Podcast, Scott Kahn discusses these and other issues with Rabbi Farber, including the op-ed he wrote for the New York Times on August 1, and whether publishing it in so public a forum is merely giving fodder for people who look for new reasons to dislike Israel. Please subscribe, rate, and review on iTunes! Just go to…rum/id1289716034, click on "View in iTunes," and you're ready to go. Music: Happy Rock by