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Orthodox Conundrum

Oct 18, 2018

In our last episode, we asked if the ends justify the means in Torah Judaism; the answer, we stated, must be a resounding NO. Nevertheless, in the realm of politics in Israel, religious political parties often act as though any means - including the violation of Halacha - is acceptable in the service of reaching the parties' goals. In this episode of the Orthodox Conundrum, Scott Kahn looks at religious political parties in general, and why he feels that they are doing a disservice to Torah Judaism. Even more to the point, Scott argues that religious political parties are anti-Torah almost by definition. This is not a podcast that recommends any particular candidate or party; instead, it's a serious look at issues that are too often ignored, in the hope that listeners will perhaps think twice before casting their ballots - no matter whom they support. Listen to the podcast for a timely discussion you won't want to miss. Please subscribe, rate, and review on iTunes! Just go to…rum/id1289716034, click on "View in iTunes," and you're ready to go. Music: Happy Rock by