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Orthodox Conundrum

Nov 13, 2023

Two months ago, on September 8th, Scott recorded an interview with Dr. Micah Goodman about Sefer Devarim, the Book of Deuteronomy. The interview was fascinating, both because of the theological insights that Micah provided, and also because of the way that he was able to relate Moshe’s words to current events in the State of Israel. 

The terrible Hamas massacre of October 7th has changed everything - and Micah Goodman's insights in this interview are now more relevant than ever. He sees Moshe’s words in Sefer Devarim as the primary guide for what Israel needs to do in order to stay in our land and create the kind of society that God wants us to create. As many of us, for the first time in decades, have come to the realization that our hold on the Land of Israel is not unconditional and not free, we also recognize that we need to think about the values that drive Israeli policy in order that Israel remain worthy of the sacrifices that so many have made on her behalf.

With that in mind, please listen to this conversation and consider not only what we want Israel to be, but what Moshe Rabbeinu, our teacher Moses, said that Israel has to be.

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