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Orthodox Conundrum

Dec 13, 2021

Last week, Sam Sokol of Haaretz reported that, “Israel’s ultra-Orthodox parties on Monday declared war on the 'Hellenists' in the government looking to upend the country’s religious status quo, promising to launch a joint national struggle to preserve the state’s Jewish character.” What changes are being suggested - and why do these changes make the Orthodox parties so angry? In order to discuss what the government would like to do, what the religious parties want instead, and what might actually happen and what probably won’t, Scott spoke to Sam Sokol to find out what's really going on. Please listen to and share this podcast, and let us know what you think on the Orthodox Conundrum Discussion Group on Facebook ( Thanks to all of our Patreon subscribers, who have access to bonus JCH podcasts, merch, and more - we appreciate your help, and hope you really enjoy the extras! Visit the JCH Patreon site at Check out for the Orthodox Conundrum and other great podcasts, and remember to subscribe to them on your favorite podcast provider. Also visit to learn all about creating your own podcast. Music: "Happy Rock" by