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Meditation, Emotional Healing, Spiritual Awakening
~ Tara Brach

Mar 31, 2020

Meditation: Embracing Life with an Open Heart (2020-03-25) - In this short practice we connect with our aspiration to live from love, and then bring a caring presence to our own vulnerability, to a dear one, and to all beings everywhere. 

Mar 27, 2020

Sheltering in Love - Part 1 (2020-03-25) - During this time of pandemic, we need, more than ever, to feel our connectedness—true belonging with our own being, each other and all life. These talks explore the bodhisattva path - practices of an awakening being dedicated to living from love. The invitation is to let this...

Mar 26, 2020

Meditation: Touching Peace (2020-03-25) - This guided meditation offers a pathway to quieting our mind and calming anxiety. We begin with long deep breathing, and with the breath, engage the image of a smile and relax through the body. Then we practice resting in relaxed awareness, allowing waves of thoughts, feelings...

Mar 23, 2020

Short Talk and Guided Meditation: Bringing RAIN to Fear (2020-03-18) - In this practice we explore how the mindfulness and compassion of RAIN can free us from the grip of fear. This is an excerpt from the full talk: Facing Pandemic Fears with an Awake Heart. Video available via and Tara’s YouTube channel.

Mar 19, 2020

Facing Pandemic Fears with an Awake Heart (2020-03-18) - While it’s natural to feel fear during times of great collective crisis, our challenge is that fear easily takes over our lives. This talk explores how the mindfulness and compassion of the RAIN meditation can help us find an inner refuge in the face of fear,...