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The Advice Pod - Reddit Stories and Advice

Sep 28, 2022

Kyle, Kelly and Raysean are giving advice to the people of Reddit. They didn't ask us for it, but they did post it to an open forum, so here's us giving them the guidance we all know they need.


- Should I break up with my girlfriend?

- What power would you rather have?

- How do I hide being a furry?

And a...

Sep 28, 2022

Kyle, Kelly and Raysean are back and wading through the Reddit wackiness and handing out advice sandwiches hand over FIST, but like in a good way, Including: 


- But is it weird to have a 11 yr as a friend?

- Sideswiped two cars, still freaking out

- Would You Rather only ever be able to say no to things or only be...

Sep 21, 2022

The Gang is back with more Reddit slop for you... Extra SLOPPY. Actually, we're all a little evil in this episode while we dive into topics SUCH AS: 


- What's a mild inconvenience you'd wish on your worst enemy?

- Would you rather be #1 in something not many people know about or the top 5% in something loads of people...

Sep 21, 2022


The Gang is back to slum it again with some weird Reddit questions including:

- Getting a promotion at work for no salary increase

- Would you rather die in a vehicle accident or be tortured and murdered by a serial killer?

- I can't, no matter how hard I try, find women with hairy legs attractive

- What is your...

Sep 21, 2022

The Gang answers the most imporant questions of Reddit including:

- Should I ask if a girl has lip fillers?

- Would you rather have refrigeration or modern cooking appliances

- Ex of a new boyfriend sends me a warning

- The most annoying thing about little kids


Hosted by Kyle, Kelly, and Raysean

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