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The Advice Pod - Reddit Stories and Advice

Nov 30, 2022

Kyle, Kelly and Raysean are reading Reddit rambles and working through how weird and/or terrible the world can be. 



- What is something people make their whole personality?

- AITA for not wanting to give my sisters money?

- My girlfriend's mom keeps walking in on us

- AITA for not wanting to give my...

Nov 23, 2022

Kyle, Kelly, and Raysean welcome in friend Jackson White (Politics and Paper Podcast, The Young Turks, Rebel HQ) to gives THANKS and celebrate the holiday with some bad advice for your Thanksgiving Dinner.  Sure, everyone wants to know what the best Thanksgiving side dish is, but would you rather fight 50 crying orphans...

Nov 16, 2022

Kyle, Kelly and Raysean are back and things are getting spicy with super powers, hand guns, maybe a ghost, valuable antique lamps and also, unfortunately, transphobic authors of popular childrens books. 



- WYR be able to heal any physical injuries OR any mental injuries?


- My Roommate just walked in my...

Nov 9, 2022

Kyle, Kelly, and Raysean are back with more red, raw, reddit REACTIONS and advice for the real reality of life. 


- What's the best response to an unsolicited dick pic? 

- WIBTA if I told my mom to grow up?

- Owning a gun is a "deal breaker" for my girlfriend

- AITA for changing my name to a common Korean...

Nov 2, 2022

Kyle, Kelly and Raysean are back with Reddit Readings you weren't going to read on your own anyway. Lucky for you, you have us. And these ridiculous topics, including: 

- Would You Rather never be able to use the internet again, or never be able to have friends again?

- My neighbor's baby won't stop crying

- Am I The...