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The Advice Pod - Reddit Stories and Advice

Jul 28, 2023

Kyle, Kelly and Raysean are back with some very important advice for you.  




If someone form the 90's were to wake up in 2023 what do you think would surprise them the most?


I complimented a guy and now I cannot get the image of how his face lit up out from my mind.


AITA for frightening my nephew and...

Jul 21, 2023

Kyle, Kelly and Raysean are back with more advice that you 100% need to continue living on Planet Earth.


- Are young people actually more entitled now or do they just not wanna put up with more bullshit

- First time getting fired. No idea how to handle it.

- Which ability would you rather have?

- AITA...

Jul 14, 2023


Who is universally thought of as hot that you think is average at best?


I f27 was unintentionally a side chick to a guy m27, should I tell his wife?


Responding to a text with a voice message/video is more annoying than just typing.


do u ever feel kinda compelled to write ur opinion in a comment but...

Jul 7, 2023

Kyle, Kelly and Raysean are back with more Advice for you.  Because that's what this show is.  An Advice Podcast.... about Advice.  For your life.  That you need.  


- If you could apologize to all of your friends at once for one thing, what would it be?

- What RPG class and abilities would you select for...