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Jun 28, 2024

"AITAH for Cancelling My Vacation Because My Sister Is Sending Her Kids?"


Kyle, Raysean and Jackson are back with another AITA post wherein this girl is abandoning her first vacation in 15 years, and it's all because of her sister's kids. Is she the asshole?


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Jun 27, 2024

"Are there any celebrities that you hate an unreasonable amount for almost no reason?


I’ll start. Taylor Swift and Leonardo DiCaprio. I hate them so much and I honestly couldn’t tell you exactly why."


Will Smith, Paul Danno and Diddy better watch out.

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Jun 26, 2024

"Would You Rather: Sinking Boat Electrocution or Getting Eaten by a Shark 10 yards away?"


Kyle, Raysean and Jackson White of  @politicsandpaper  are back to discuss the real big question... Death by electrocution or sharks? 


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Jun 25, 2024

"AITAH for telling my daughter to keep her Father’s Day gift to herself because she hid her mother’s affair from me for months?"


Kyle, Raysean and Jackson White of  @politicsandpaper  are back to discuss another #aita post wherein this guy got left by his wife and somehow blames his daughter for it?


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Jun 24, 2024

(27f) My Date Lied About Salary.


Kyle, Raysean and Jackson White are back to discuss people who weirdly lie about their income when they start to date a new person.  Isn't That Weird?


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