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Sunset Seekers

Jan 17, 2023

The biggest human emotional driver is money.  This can destroy families and ultimately people’s lives if not mastered.  

This is especially true when people buy cars and houses that they can’t afford.  

This “spending beyond your needs” formula leads to financial disaster.

The good news?

There are safe ways to manage money that set you up for a stress free life by leaving the emotions out of it.  

In this episode, Daniel Friedman shares with us his expertise on how to manage money prudently without market hype or emotions.  Safe and steady wins the race always.    

Listen now!

Show Highlights Include:

  • The best non-financial management book that leads you to a fulfilled and stress-free life (2:45)
  • The single foolish financial advice someone can get that leaves most people broke (12:25)
  • The lessons learned from the recent FTX collapse that left many with pennies (14:10) 
  • The safest way to invest in Bitcoin (without buying a single Bitcoin) (15:45)
  • The “Subscription” model to manage money for safe and long-term growth (20:00) 
  • The two things you can do with money (one gets you closer to retirement, the other gets you further away) (25:10)