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Jul 30, 2021

John is the greatest member of Rubberneckers. We need John.

Bob’s intros are really coming along. Awesome job Bob!

Theme tune needs a re-record

Devan’s voice is too quiet but what can you do when Dave is doing the editing, not John the master editor

Dave tries to give himself the needle of Jacob after our former...

Jul 23, 2021

Bob puts less sauce on his intro this week. Good job Bob.

Devan introduces a new introduction and flubs a little which could have totally been edited by John but John didn’t for unknown reasons. Good job Devan.

Andrew didn’t show up and Dave goes into a meltdown

John talks about some bet he lost. Sports talk.


Jul 16, 2021

Still, no one knows how to start the show. No one is in charge. But better no one in charge than John in charge am I right?

Dave really went for some easy laughs this episode with fart and cum material but hey; peepee poopoo tee hee

Who gives a fuck about feedback from nobody pussy ass loser podcasters like the Dad Odd...