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Jul 30, 2021

John is the greatest member of Rubberneckers. We need John.

Bob’s intros are really coming along. Awesome job Bob!

Theme tune needs a re-record

Devan’s voice is too quiet but what can you do when Dave is doing the editing, not John the master editor

Dave tries to give himself the needle of Jacob after our former Tiktok superstar buddy

Andrew is full of beans after a pre-show energy drink

Collin says schloppy toppy in a creepy way

Devan’s ultimate insult for Andrew always is that he’s a virgin. What is he going to do once Andrew gets it in?

Andrew acts like he’s the only one who has ever tasted pussy

Dave tries to join in on the conversation but it’s been a long long time despite being in a house filled with some of the finest ladies

Andrew is too busy to lose his virginity on Sunday

Andrew attempts some condom humour with little success and gets outclassed by Devan

Andrew and Devan bicker about Snapchat

Dave tries another chime in joke and gets smacked down by Andrew

Dave ranks the manliness of all the Rubberneckers. Collin is the Alpha and Dave is the Omega

The olds are less manly than the youngs. Who would have thought?

What is the philosophy of comedy? Is the audience the most important or fuck the audience you gotta make yourself laugh first?

We can’t find another John. John is irreplaceable

What the fuck is a white boy summa?

Bob brags that he’s given up on life. How is that a brag?