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Jul 16, 2021

Still, no one knows how to start the show. No one is in charge. But better no one in charge than John in charge am I right?

Dave really went for some easy laughs this episode with fart and cum material but hey; peepee poopoo tee hee

Who gives a fuck about feedback from nobody pussy ass loser podcasters like the Dad Odd Bod podcast? We want listeners not to become part of the podcaster circle jerk for fuck’s sake.

John can’t speak. Can’t say French press.

John has no class; what do you expect from a lout from New Jersey?

Devan and Andrew yeah they do sound kind of alike; recommend that Devan leans into his minority status and puts on an accent or something, or Andrew stops denying his Southern-ness and talks like the rest of his family

John is such a suck to other podcasters. Why did he cut out the clip of the Odd Job podcast?

Dave forbids Odd Dad from ever listening to the show again

Devan is the token Leftard for this episode but he doesn’t manage to keep up the act

Devan’s webcam falls over like an incompetent camgirl with BPD and a massive C-section scar who had to give up her baby