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Dec 11, 2021

The show started off with the best podcast consultant, producer, editor forgetting to press record on his audio until the 7-minute mark of the episode. Next week he will do better. 

Dave looked like a serial killer, and Andrew looks like he’s been killing a lot of cereal himself. 

Devan is a broke half Mexican who can’t afford proper corrective eyeglasses.

Jodie from the Po’Boys podcast alerted us to a cohost meltdown of Jamingo proportion. 

During the latest episode of the Simple Blasphemy podcast, one of Dave’s favorite podcasts, Cohost Zach Green had a full-on screaming meltdown when one a month part-time podcaster Amanda said she wouldn’t send good thoughts to an unvaccinated person who is dying of Covid.

We break down this conformational exchange between Zach and Amanda as the other two cohosts sit there slack-jawed and also watch the Malay.

The only fine this week dealt out by the Aussie Punisher, Dave, was to Andrew for interrupting too much. Looks like Andrew will be getting another fine for the same violation this week.

Bob’s Topic: Jussie Smollett guilty verdict. The Aussie Punisher and his chubby Cherub Andrew vetoed this topic because it was too Boomer Bunkerish.

Andrew’s Topic: Man with a large Penis is sick of people asking him to show his mighty custard slinger.

Devan’s Topic: Because of the Oxford school shooting more schools in the area are getting threats. John wants to stop school shootings by arming the teachers.

Dave’s Topic: Quizzing Devan and Andrew to see who is the smartest. Both were so dumb they couldn’t even buzz incorrectly. John conceded to dave about arming the teachers.

John’s Topic: Everyone is a Bigot. 

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