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Nov 18, 2022

  • This week Josh was late. Does that stop us? Hell No!!! Transwoman porn star Emma Rose had her testicles removed. We go around the room and discuss, “Would You?” 
  • Once again it’s proven that the best women are men, as a rather large Samoan transwoman wins a beauty contest and screws a biological woman out of a scholarship.
  • A Japanese man gets sick of taking care of his disabled wife and wheels her onto a pier and dumps her into the sea.
  • A very Rubenesque art teacher catches heat for her appearance. We decide if this attack is warranted.
  • What do you get if you clam jam on Twitch? A permanent suspension.
  • Jodie, Josh, and Edward play how to tell your wife you are trading her in on a newer model.
  • Don’t throw away your fallopian tubes, they make a wonderful necklace.
  • And it wouldn’t be an episode without Josh’s weekly boner.

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