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Sep 18, 2023

In this episode of Rubberneckers, hosts Jamingo and Jodie welcome in friends and former host of the # No Offense Podcast. They dive into a wide range of topics, starting with a puzzling incident involving a bucket of chicken and a watermelon being thrown at someone who fumbled twice. The hosts express their disapproval of such inappropriate behavior and question the motives behind it.

Next, they discuss the NFL's condemnation of racist comments directed towards Alexander Mattison, a player who experienced online hate. Speculating whether the comments were related to fantasy football or simply online harassment, the hosts highlight the importance of combating hateful behavior.

Moving on to a harrowing incident near Yellowstone National Park, the hosts speak with Norlander, a man who was attacked by a grizzly bear while leading a hunting expedition. Norlander shares his terrifying encounter, recounting how he suffered severe injuries, including having his jaw ripped off. The hosts express empathy towards Norlander and delve into the dangers of wildlife encounters.

In a surprising turn of events, Jamingo reveal a personal anecdote about a drunken encounter with a job foreman. They vividly describe the circumstances, including driving the foreman home and helping him into his house. Though relieved when transferred to another job three weeks later, they reflect on the experience and its impact on their work life.

Switching gears, the hosts explain the concept of a "pass" and compare it to a DoorDash gift card. They explore the idea of creating a more transferable pass, similar to a visa or MassaCard, which can be used among different individuals or groups.

The hosts also reflect on a missed opportunity to assist someone with lactation issues, citing their lack of personal experience in breastfeeding. However, they express regret for not considering the pain associated with lactation and question if their assistance would have been accepted.

Lastly, the hosts concludes with a heartfelt message to Chris and Duchess, encouraging him to continue their podcasting journey without hesitation. The hosts emphasize their respect and admiration for Chris’s work, urging him to do what he loves and not worry about pleasing everyone.

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