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Feb 25, 2022

This week Doug from the Who’s Right Podcast joins us. Doug tried to administer some helpful podcast advice to improve our show. 

  • Decide if the show is a podcast or video Livestream
  • Decide who will run the show
  • Hide the Chatroom from John so his ADD doesn’t derail the conversation
  • If you are going to refer to the...

Feb 19, 2022

We start the episode down a Rubbernecker. Apparently, they don’t have umbrellas, galoshes, or family trees that don’t look like a flag pole in Alabama? It was raining outside and Bob couldn’t make it back to his studio, so he chatted in his dad jokes. Who knew you could bomb in a chat room.

John is listening to a...

Feb 16, 2022

Devan overslept, Dave is back home but there are cameras everywhere. Bob talks more. John brings up the term "Chubby Vagina."

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Feb 5, 2022

You would think that after 11 episodes we could get our shit together, but that is not the case. Andrew was a no-call, no-show which is his 1st strike. Two more strikes and Andrew will be fired and stripped of his Rubbernecker title.

Dave really came prepared with multiple interesting stories for a change. Devan once...