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Jun 29, 2023

On this episode of Rubberneckers, Jamingo, and Jodie are joined by special guests Vinnie Paulino.
They kick things off by discussing the concerns surrounding AI and personal information.
Jodie shares an interesting story about an experience with an AI chatbot on Discord, which took an unexpected turn when the chatbot...

Jun 22, 2023

On this episode of Rubberneckers, Jodie, and John are joined by guest Rob, a renowned podcast host and the mastermind behind Random Ramblings with Rob. He also co-hosts the RBR wrestling weekly show, which discusses weekly wrestling events.
They start by analyzing how media affects behavior and the lack of...

Jun 12, 2023

On this episode of Rubberneckers, Jodie, and Jamingo welcome original Rubbernecker Dave to the podcast. As usual, the guys engage in a discussion on a range of controversial topics. These include the possibility of trans women inducing lactation and men producing breast milk. They also delve into a bar in Australia...

Jun 10, 2023

This week’s guest is Pepper from the History Buffs podcast. Pepper is a self-proclaimed nano-influencer, a lover of comedy, deathcore, and racing. And Willie Nelson said that one of his songs was “beautiful.” We recorded this on the third anniversary of George Floyd’s death and Jamingo believes the world is a...

Jun 9, 2023

Chris James from the Who Do You Think You Are Podcast joins us. 


  • No Porn Hub for Mormons
  • There’s a market for Royal Family Sex Dolls. Diana, Kate, or Meghan? What’s your pick?
  • A Transwoman, I’m other words a man, complains about his period cramps
  • A woman farts out her uterus
  • Oral sex is causing throat...