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Sep 11, 2023

Nick Gerr joins Jodie and Jamingo for a lively discussion on a range of topics.

The episode starts out with an exploration of attention-seeking behavior and its potential impact on one's career prospects. Jamingo expresses frustration with the concept of gender identity and suggests that employers may discard job applications if the gender box is not checked. They argue that allowing individuals with different beliefs into the workforce will create problems and criticize a woman's views on patriarchy and capitalism.

The conversation takes an unexpected turn when Jamingo shares a personal anecdote about an embarrassing incident at work. They recall a time when they had to investigate an issue in a machine room but suddenly had an urgent need to relieve themselves. In a moment of desperation, they ended up defecating into a box of spare parts and then unsuccessfully attempted to hide the evidence. Jamingo acknowledges that their colleague's anger and disgust towards the incident were justified.

The discussion then shifts to the topic of appropriate dress codes in educational institutions. Jodie, Jamingo. and Nick disagrees on the level of decorum and professionalism that should be maintained in schools. Jamingo criticizes a person's appearance, including their hair, tattoos, and earrings, questioning their seriousness and credibility. They express a preference for a more conservative dress code while acknowledging that societal attitudes toward sexuality and appearance are changing.

As the episode progresses, Jodie and Nick exchange offensive language, insults, and derogatory terms towards individuals who do not conform to traditional gender norms. They express frustration with the idea of more than two genders and dismiss the importance of respecting gender identities. The hosts suggest that businesses should not hire people who do not conform to traditional standards and mock the use of non-binary pronouns.

The episode also includes segments where Jodie discusses popular songs, debates the hiring practices of substitute teachers, and receives a distress call from Officer Rodriguez.

They mention a super chat from Boomer Bob and express frustration about his sense of humor. They also introduce a game called "New Slurs," where derogatory terms for different groups of people are created.

Towards the end of the episode, Jamingo shares a shocking and offensive story about a billionaire on a gorilla-hunting safari. The story involves brutality towards gorillas and racist undertones towards the black African attendants. The hosts also mentioned a joke about hunting gorillas in Washington, DC, and a super chat from Anthony Cumia.

This episode of Rubberneckers covers a wide range of controversial topics, often using offensive language and making crude jokes. It showcases a disregard for respecting diversity and promotes harmful stereotypes.

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