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Sep 5, 2023

We are back for the last 10 episodes of Rubberneckers. Today we have the Forrest Gump of entertainment, the best kept secret in podcasting, Christian Bladt as a guest. hands down in the top 3 of our guests. Thanks for putting up with us Christian.

Welcome to A.I. summary of “The Natural State” episode of Rubberneckers.

In today's episode titled "The Natural State," we have a special guest Christian Bladt joining us. Strap in, because we've got quite the ride ahead!

Christian starts off the episode by recounting a story about Dennis Miller’s time on Monday Night Football. How Dennis scored a gig. Dennis did the job for a solid year with Al Michaels and Dan Faust, but then got replaced by none other than John Madden. Christian reflects on the decision, acknowledging that Madden is a better fit for football, but wonders if the same scenario would play out differently in another context.

Now, let's talk about Christian's podcast, The Bladtcast. He's been in the game for a whopping ten years! That's some serious dedication. He proudly shares that he's had some incredible guests on the show, including the likes of John Lovett, Dana Carvey, and Dennis Miller. And get this, he even manages to score interviews with musicians! Christian recalls his surprising chat with Don McLean, the legendary singer behind "American Pie," and how it made him feel like he was doing something right.

If you're hungry for more content, Christian also has a YouTube channel where you can catch the audio version of his podcast. And wait, there's more! He's part of another show called "Who Are These Broadcasters" alongside Carl Hamburger and Eric Zane every Tuesday. Christian expresses how honored he is to work with Carl, who's super supportive and wants to help the show grow. Can we get a round of applause for that kind of friendship?

Now, let's shift gears and talk politics. Christian and the gang discuss their take on the political landscape, but they take a unique approach. Rather than solely criticizing politicians, they aim to find the funny aspects of it all. Because let's face it, funny is funny, no matter which side of the aisle you're on. They even share a hilarious Family Guy clip where Dennis watches an HBO show and gets his words hilariously mixed up.

Of course, not everyone is a fan of Dennis. Christian explains that throughout his career, opinions on Dennis have been divided. But love him or hate him, he's not afraid to be himself, which is a quality that Christian appreciates.

The conversation takes an unexpected turn as they mention a playful joke about Bob Barker getting as close as he could to 100 without going over after his death. And Christian's Joke, when Bob Barker passed he heard, “Come on Down!” Just writing this joke cost me $100.00.

To wrap things up, they address a few Reddit comments and express gratitude for the support they receive. They understand that they can only be themselves and acknowledge that it may not resonate with everyone. But hey, that's all part of the broadcasting game, right?

Well, folks, that's all for today's episode of Rubberneckers. We hope you enjoyed the ride with our fabulous guest Christian Bladt.

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