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Nobody Told Me!

Jan 26, 2020

We're very proud that Nobody Told Me! is a media partner with the 2020 Palm Beach Masters Series, which is equestrian sport at its finest. As part of this, we're talking with some of the riders who've trained for years to compete at this level. We want to know more about what motivates them and how they deal with disappointment and success. They've learned lessons which can benefit all of us.

Joining us on this episode is rising star Kelli Cruciotti, who's on a quest for an Olympic gold medal this year, and her mom, Cindy Cruciotti, who's an accomplisher rider herself, in addition to being Kelli's trainer.

The Palm Beach Masters Series features the world's best show jumping riders and horses competing in three World-Class events: the World Cup, the Nations Cup, and the Palm Beach Open. Show jumping is an intense, exciting sport spotlighting the incredible partnership between riders and their horses. You can watch the live stream starting January 28 at

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