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May 16, 2022

Ah the holy trifecta of the credit union world: Leagues, CUs, and CUSOs… To have been a part of all three—and succeeded beautifully in each one—is impressive. It also means you have some seriously stellar insight to offer. 

Lucky for us—and more especially, for our listeners—we got to pick the brain of one such expert. LeAnne Case, Senior VP of Marketing and Communications at The Servion Group, sits down to share her journey—this week on CU Changemakers: Women On Work (WOW). 

Topics we covered include: 

  • LeAnn’s beginnings in the CU space
  • Leagues, CUs, and CUSOs: what she likes best about each 
  • Women who have inspired LeAnn along her path
  • The Servion Group—origin story, mission, marketing
  • LeAnn’s passion project, Vive Unlimited 
  • What excites our expert most about the CU women’s movement
  • And more

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