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Banking on Experience powered by CRMNEXT

Jun 20, 2022

The impact of an FI serving its community—truly serving its community—cannot be understated, and there’s no better example of this than Tongass Federal Credit Union. 

We were honored to sit down for a chat with Helen Mickel, CEO of Tongass FCU and one of our 2021 Right On The Money (ROTM) winners, to talk about playing big and serving community as a small CU—this week on CRMNEXT’s Banking on Experience podcast. 

Topics we cover include:

  • The Tongass FCU Story: origin, community, mission
  • How Tongass has tackled serving the underserved
  • Boots on the ground: why it matters so much in this very virtual world
  • Microsites (and how they’re making a difference) 
  • The initiative Helen feels has had the biggest impact on both community and growth
  • The power of promoting small businesses 
  • What the future holds for Tongass FCU
  • Changing the world (yes, really) 
  • And more 

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