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Sep 6, 2020

Diversity. Equality. Inclusion. It’s stand-up, speak-out, real-talk time. And on this week’s episode of Banking On Experience, Michael Murdoch of Wauna CU joins CRMNEXT’s James Gilbert to share how Credit Unions can help bring diversity to life.

What’s covered?

· Michael talks about partnering with a local chapter to put on a special 3-part Pride Event in Oregon, designed to promote DEI, to keep a conversation going, to raise money for the Q Center, and ultimately to provide a voice for young professionals in the CU community.

· The need for Credit Unions to take a stance on diversity issues- particularly if they want to reach a younger audience (Gen Z, Gen Y, even millennials).

· Michael’s take on why this subject is so important. (“We’re talking about the human species…Every single person is a person that wants to be loved and heard.”)

· The history of inclusivity (hint: It’s not a new thing) and the struggle in today’s society to be open to the idea of adapting.

· The top 3 challenges Michael believes CUs and other organizations have around the topic of diversity.

· The question: Is DEI a compliance-based numbers game to your CU? Or is it a culture change that engages and includes everyone in order to attain equity, equality, and justice?

· Which are you? Reactive or Proactive, when it comes to these issues.

· What Michael believes Credit Unions can DO to be more inclusive, and HOW they can go about doing it.

· Some examples of Financial Institutions and other organizations that Michael and James believe are doing this really well. (Big shout out to PointWest CU in Portland, First Tech Federal Credit Union, and Gong…Listen in to hear why.)

· Social Media silence on a lot of these issues vs. engaging in the conversation.

· Some of the ways Michael suggests people can make this fun!

· Want to reach out to Michael? You can email him at

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