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Oct 5, 2020

Let’s talk communication.

Text, email, call, video-chat, carrier pigeon…There’s no shortage of ways to communicate with your customers and members. But, riddle me this: Just why is it so important for FIs to utilize multi-channel communication? Here to answer that very question on CRMNEXT’s Banking On Experience is guest-expert Charlie Peterson of Allied Solutions.

What’s covered?

  • A discussion around some of the articles Charlie has written for CUInsight, particularly the one titled “How and where to communicate and engage members.” (If you haven’t read it, we highly suggest you do!)

  • Charlie’s opinion on why omnichannel communication is especially important right now. (Hint: Times they are a’changin, and it’s keep up or miss out!)

  • What Charlie calls “the most powerful communication method there is.”

  • How text has changed since the “new normal” of working from home started.

  • Some of the biggest mistakes people make in communication. (One of them is what Charlie calls “future casting,” and- if you do too much of it- you’re not going to stay relevant.)

  • Charlie’s advice to FIs who are not currently using data to track communication preference. And to those that are, how they can more effectively use it. (Some fantastic info here, including what Bank of America and US Bank are doing right in this department.)

  • An example of a company Charlie believes is excellent at utilizing multi-channel communication. This one might surprise you: It’s Dominos. Take a listen to find out why.

  • The best way to reach out to Charlie. Text his cell (which he is happy to give out.) #(206)399-9332 or email him at :

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