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Oct 18, 2020

We’re designed to grow.

So, it follows that growth should be encouraged and cultivated among your employees- even if that means they grow right on out of your organization. And this week on CRMNEXT’s Banking On Experience, we’re joined by guest expert Nanci Wilson, to talk all about empathy, the choices we make, and what it really means to help people grow.

What’s Covered?

· How James found Nanci in the first place- via her CUInsight Article “I coughed at the grocery store,” which had him in stitches. 

· How CUs can make sure they don’t impede peoples’ personal decisions (think the great mask debate of 2020) while also making sure their employees are safe and feel safe in that environment.

· How Nanci came up with the CUInsight Article (which inspired this particular podcast episode), “Grow the heck outta here!”

· The Leap of faith that is growing out of one position and into the next, and the importance of gratitude in these scenarios.

· The value of encouraging our employees and taking pride in their development.

· Why Nanci wrote another of her CUInsight Articles, “Sunshine through the walls.” (She shares a personal story here you won’t want to miss.)

· Continued discussion on the credit union theme of “people helping people,” with a more in-depth conversation on the need for people to choose to do that outside of the walls of their FIs.

· Empathy: the “secret sauce” of credit unions…which is not remotely a secret.

· Some more fantastic personal stories from our expert and host, around the importance of empathy and helping people grow. It’s no secret that- at a time like this- these are the stories we need to hear.

· How to reach out to Nanci. Phone: #(701) 757- 3740 or via Email:

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