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Nov 1, 2020

What do an eight-hundred-pound gorilla and a chimpanzee have to do with fostering growth and acquisition in your FI’s Marketing? Glad you asked!

And you’ll certainly want to tune in for the answer this week on CRMNEXT’s Banking On Experience- as a marketing guru, Nicky Senyard of Fintel Connect lends her valuable expertise (and fantastic analogies) on the subject.

What’s covered?

  • What our guest expert had for breakfast. (Cuz why not?)

  • Nicky’s defining lines rebrand marketing vs. performance marketing. (Some solid deets for people who think marketing and sales are the same things.)

  • Some of the biggest problems Nicky sees Financial Institutions facing when it comes to fostering growth and acquisition in Marketing. And why this particular topic is so important right now.

  • Discussion re the two parts of the funnel: acquisition and retention, as well as the importance of infrastructure and having really good CRM tools. (As Nicky says, “Performance marketing is really good for acquisition. And CRM is really good for retention. But the fact is, like anything, it has to be used well. And you have to choose a good partner.”)

  • Some solutions Nicky believes are best to tackle the challenges and issues of Marketers at FIs (and elsewhere) are facing. (Hint: The words “homework” and “research” come up here. Gotta’ love some back-to-school basics.)

  • Asking the “hard questions” to clarify your course of action.

  • Some of the areas Nicky thinks Financial Institutions should focus on, specifically for growth. (For one thing, Nicky suggests at least 20% of your marketing budget be allocated toward digital.)

  • The importance of utilizing the massive amounts of data FIs have, including discussion around a single data point- as an example: how our expert suggests an FI might successfully run a digital campaign on birthdays.

  • Nicky’s take on the traits that lead to the greatest success in growth and acquisition. (Fun fact: This is where the gorilla and the chimpanzee we brought up earlier make their appearance. Intrigued?)

  • The importance of acting on this now! (As Nicky puts it, “The right time to strike is about three years ago.”)

  • How to reach out to Nicky: Via her LinkedIn page, or find her on Fintel Connect’s site.

Note: Nicky emphasizes her passion for this work and how she’d love to help you get into a place where you have “a new lease on life and growth.” What a lovely offer!

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