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Nov 15, 2020

On the rocks with your marketing strategy? Don’t know how or where things went so wrong? Like many relationships, this one might need an overhaul. But you’re in luck! This week on CRMNEXT’s Banking On Experience, President and Founder of TwoScore and marketing expert extraordinaire, Amanda Thomas joins us to share her wisdom on the subject.

What’s covered?

· Why (and why right now) this particular topic was chosen. (Teaser: Amanda shares thoughts re clients who’ve doubled down on marketing efforts during the Pandemic vs. those who haven’t, and the difference is astounding.)

· Some of the challenges Amanda sees affecting marketing- both due to COVID and in general.

· How Amanda suggests building a relationship digitally. (Hint: Keeping the personal part in there has a lot to do with it.)

· Our expert’s take on how credit unions can make sure their marketing teams are driving growth.

· How credit unions can go about marketing to a younger audience (who- let’s be honest- expect a whole lot more than just mobile banking capabilities.)

· What credit unions can do to market to – or keep- their current (often older) members.

· 3 stellar examples from Amanda’s own firm, of credit unions that are rocking their marketing strategies. – From branded beer pong tables and a “Banking for dog people” campaign to a digital online referral engine, there’s some fantastic ideas here.

· If a credit union wants to make marketing more of a focus, where and how they can get started.

· How to reach Amanda. Via her personal email: Via her Linkedin profile. Or her Instagram: @AdventuresInHeels.

Marketing bliss is possible. Take a listen to get your FI well on its way there.

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