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Dec 6, 2020

Financial Education. Most of us could all use a whole lot more of it. But, in today’s world of online information overload (and limited in-person contact), what’s the best way for financial institutions to help offer that education to customers and members?

Enter our esteemed guests this week on CRMNEXT’s Banking on Experience. Wendy Bryant-Beswick and Anna Baskin of Service Credit Union in Portsmouth, New Hampshire join us to offer a brief education on…well…education.

What’s covered?

  • A controversial question. What’s a commonly held belief that Wendy and Anna mutually disagree with? Listen in to find out.

  • Why the topic of financial education? For one thing, Anna finds it startling that- according to some recent studies- many Americans don’t even have $400-500 in savings.

  • First steps. If a CU wants to start educating their members, where do they start? – Wendy says, “Even something as simple as just starting with content” can go a long way.

  • Source of Inspiration. What gets our experts’ creative juices flowing, in terms of coming up with innovative new ideas (think virtual wine tastings)? In a word: coffee.

  • Future challenges. What do Anna and Wendy think credit unions should be preparing for?

  • Prime examples. Listen in for some FIs to follow, as well as a solid list of suggested resources.

  • Valuable Contact Info. How can you reach out to our guest experts? You’ll find them both on Twitter. Wendy- @wenbryant / Anna- @Annabaskin

When it comes to financial education, as Wendy says, “I think everybody can do even more.” Hear, hear!

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