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Apr 19, 2023

Looking for brutally honest answers to your liquidity challenges?

Then you won't want to miss out on the first-ever Banking on Experience Live Podcast: Liquidity Crisis 2023 and actionable solutions.

This live podcast brought together a community of credit union professionals and industry experts who are committed to sharing their insights, knowledge, and experience to help you solve your liquidity challenges.

During this live podcast event, hosts Joshua Barclay and Jonathan Taylor cover the liquidity crisis from multiple angles.

  • Liquidity Threats –– What are the “iceberg ahead” liquidity threats on the horizon that Credit Unions should be looking out for?

  • Low-Hanging Fruit –– What are the easy initiatives Credit Unions can implement right now to boost their liquidity position?

  • Innovative Solutions –– What are new, inventive ways in which Credit Unions can boost liquidity?

The focus of this live podcast is to provide brutally honest answers to the biggest liquidity challenges facing the Credit Union industry, and the expert panel delivered just that.

The expert panel included the following names:

  • Merry Pateuk, Senior VP, PSCU

  • Ian Lampl, Cofounder & CEO, Loanstreet INC.

  • Dan Daggett, President of Daggett Enterprises

Listen to the Banking on Experience Live Podcast to level up your liquidity right now. 

Stay tuned for future Banking on Experience Live Podcasts, as our mission is to build a community of Credit Union professionals who share insights and help each other level up as professionals.

Together, we can create a better future for the credit union industry.