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Banking on Experience powered by CRMNEXT

May 23, 2023


Here's an uncomfortable reality that our Credit Union comrades must grapple with: a whopping 84% of digital transformations fail, according to Forbes. 

And this isn't just a Credit Union issue; it's an industry-wide epidemic, with every data point on the internet citing a two-thirds or higher failure rate.

What truly unnerves us about this staggering statistic is the impact it has on our Credit Union members. After all, they are the reason we exist, and they're relying on us to navigate these turbulent economic times.

We're not just talking about a failed project or wasted resources here. We're talking about failing to provide the timely and effective help our members desperately need. If we can't access our member data on-demand, and if we can't swiftly convert insights into action – how can we genuinely assist them? How can we live up to our promise to be their trusted financial partner?

In our latest episode of The Banking on Experience Podcast, we aren't dwelling on failure. Nope. Instead, we're flipping the script and discussing how Credit Unions can achieve successful digital transformation.

Why is this so crucial? Because our members' wellness is at stake, and the "too-big-to-fail" banks are waiting in the wings. And let's be honest, those guys have never offered me, or probably any of you, a decent rate on an auto loan.

Big promises require big firepower, and that's exactly what we're bringing to the latest podcast episode. We've invited two heavy hitters in the world of digital transformation, and they're here to show us how to get it right.

First, we have Jamie Jackson, CEO of Arkatechture, a data transformation company with a remarkable 100% successful implementation rate. They're not just any data company; they're also a CUSO that recently clinched the CUSO of the Year title at the 2023 NACUSO Event.

Then we have Nishant Rao, helming CRMNEXT North America, a financial CRM that has overseen four of the five largest successful CRM implementations worldwide and has a stunning record of zero customer churn. Talk about setting the bar high!

These industry veterans are not just talking the talk; they're walking the walk, and they are here to share their invaluable insights and proven strategies with us.

Get ready to learn how to do digital transformation, and data transformation, the right way.

Happy transformation, friends.