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Nov 29, 2020

When the evil corona-villain emerged, Bank and CU Superheroes rallied and rose to the challenge. Nearly 50 such heroes were nominated for CRMNEXT’s Right On The Money 2020 Contest, and we were blown away by the good that’s being done by financial institutions all over America!

This week’s episode of Banking on Experience celebrates our first place, grand prize winner- State Employees Federal Credit Union of New Mexico. We’re honored to welcome their CEO, Harold Dixon, to shed some light on the heroic efforts that won them the title of Right on the Money 2020 Champion.

What’s covered?

  • Some details about this stand-out financial institution and the journey it’s taken.

  • How Harold established a “service first” mentality as a core principle within the company’s culture.

  • How their culture has come to life for Harold’s employees, and what that service-first mentality does for their members.

  • Harold shares some of the fantastic work that was outlined in their submission for the contest- including the creation of an on-site “school” at every branch.

  • With “normal” not likely to return any time soon, what other credit unions can do to take a page out of their book.

  • What the future looks like for Employees FCU, according to Harold.

A huge thank you to State Employees Federal Credit Union, to all of our other spectacular nominees, and to every financial institution that has made- and is continuing to make- a difference in their communities. This was the first annual Right On The Money contest, and we look forward to celebrating even more of you next year.

NOTE: A Right On The Money online community- for banks and credit unions to share ideas and best practices, to hear and be heard- is in the works as well. So, stay tuned! ☺

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