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May 24, 2021

It’s no secret that digital is a part of our world. And while it might have made sense 10 or 15 years ago to try and separate a digital strategy from the rest of your strategy, we don’t live in a world that allows that any longer.

From banking to food ordering to shopping to getting a ride, digital technology is more a part of our lives than ever before. So why are so many companies’ digital strategies still siloed?

In this episode, I interview Bill Snider. Bill is the Vice President of Digital Strategy at Clearview Federal Credit Union, and he has a lot to say on the podcast about un-siloing digital strategy.

What we talked about:

- Understanding the buyer’s journey when it comes to financial products

- The need to utilize journey mapping when it comes to building a digital strategy

- Establishing better processes as a result of that journey mapping

- Enabling technology to solve pain points, not create more problems

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