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Van Camp And Morgan Right Now

Feb 28, 2023

On today's show: Leap Year birthdays, Girl Scout Cookies, Pringles flavored Chik'n Fries, No one wants to admit going on vacation, but have high hopes for the world's destinations, and random

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  turn-offs and ons.


Feb 27, 2023

On today's pod: Results from last night's SAG awards. Two guys stuffed $1400 worth of merch from the Dollar General in their shorts and got away. Wood Harrelson ruffles some online feathers with his SNL monologue Saturda night.  Robots may do the chores in our homes within the next 10 years, and speaking of...

Feb 24, 2023

On the pod:  The tale of a BF that gets mad at his GF for charging his phone. Everyday things we are doing wrong, and the correct way to accomplish them. Nepotism is a thing, but some of us don't mind. And the story of a man who broke his member during an OnlyFans and now has to "sit it out" until it heals.  Now we've...

Feb 23, 2023

SPOILER ALERT: We announce the reveals of last night's "The Masked Singer" at the beginning of the show.  The best foods for men's health, specifically for their junk.  Seems the 4-day workweek is a success, Starbuckas is adding a secret ingredient and a woman parts with a brand new iPhone she's kept since 2007 and you...

Feb 23, 2023

WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT:  Today's episode focusses on graphic details about men's genetalia, if that is not your thing, feel free to re-listen to yesterday's show and move on to tomorrow's, or if dick size doesn't bother you, carry on:

On the pod: Peeing and Junk size by Country. Roman ancient wooden sex toys, and the...