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Van Camp And Morgan Right Now

Jul 31, 2023

(airdate 7-31-23) ON the pod: Murderous AI Sex bots are coming for you! Have you heard of "brushing" (no it is not a new sex term). Airplanes will be required to start installing 2 person Lavs aboard their airships, they can charge a premium for mile highers to use the bigger toilet. There's a sour cream shortage at...

Jul 28, 2023

(airdate 7-28-23): Fake AI models on social media are luring men's money out of their wallets. The Malibu Barbie Dream House Airbnb offered for a couple of nights is still in Mojo Dogo Casa House mode and ready for more visitors! How would you like free Subway for life? Hacks to stay cool, some epic, others just meh. ...

Jul 27, 2023

On the pod (airdate 7-27-23) Wowser!  Today is a crazy busy "National Day" it's chili dog day, Scotch day, bagpipe appreciation day, Sheila day, Barbie in a Blender day...and more!  Speaking of Barbie, we've got more things Barbie and Mattel. Man!  It's HOT, in Phoenix, AZ it's record breaking. Add 20 years to...

Jul 26, 2023

(airdate: 7-26-23) On the pod: The Rock donates 7 figures to the SAG-AFTRA Foundation to help members get through the strike. A landlod rents out a vacationing tenant's home as an Airbnb.  New flex work schedule leads to triple-peak-day. It's Cap'n Crunch's 60th Birthday. Our crazy crime returns to Florida. And it's...

Jul 25, 2023

(airdate 7-25-23) Today: Stupid Headlines, gratuitous shark references, "Ghostlighting," Pink Flamingos (careful), a new app that tells you when to pee, and cocaine cheese.

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