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Van Camp And Morgan Right Now

Mar 22, 2024

On the pod today (airdate: 3.22.24) It's National Goof-off Day, perfect!! March Madness Brackets are all busted (except .01%) already, so what are you to do for the next three weeks? Ghostbusters Frozen Empire is new at the movies this weekend. First date dress-up no-nos, Normal or Nope, your kids will throw your shit...

Jul 19, 2023

On today's pod (airdate 7-18-23) Barbenheimer Fever is upon us, the Double Feature opening for Barbie and Oppenheimer. A new excuse to be late.  That's a slap in the face...with a burrito.  Tuesday Confessionals, and baking your mail box.

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Oct 13, 2022

Eggo Nog is coming, just in time for the holidays, which are coming way too fast.  Which celeb would you chose to be President?  Do you worry about your kid's trick or treat candy being spiked with expensive illegal drugs? And black cats are cool.

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Sep 23, 2022

Trailer - Right Now is the best of our daily radio show: The Van Camp and Morgan Show heard worldwide daily.

John Van Camp and Morgan talk about the latest pop culture, relationship and lifestyle tips, social media trends, entertainment and more, all mashed up.   

This is also a place for the "After show" including...