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Joseph Z Podcast

Jan 26, 2023

In this Prophecy Re-Cap, justice is mixed with mercy as Joseph Z prophecies current events with hope on the horizon! Current events like the FAA Airline Crisis, witchcraft in the church, Economic disaster, and revival for different communities across the board! Prepare for Light to shine in Darkness!

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Jan 26, 2023

In the live broadcast, Joseph Z deciphers what is really going on behind the scenes in news events such as the Airline disasters and the U.S. dollar. Prepare to be encouraged with great hope found in Psalm 27, as well as some victories that are coming on the scene in the House of Representatives! Jesus is Lord!


Jan 26, 2023

In this live broadcast, Joseph prophesies about 2023 and what is on the near horizon for America and the nations of the world. But just like in Proverbs 31, we will look to the future and laugh! For He Who is in us is Greater than he that is in the world! Jesus is LORD!

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Jan 26, 2023

In this live, Joseph dives deep into what he sees prophetically for 2023. Prophetic words that range from whistleblowers and current administration exposure to revival and change coming to different communities. Jesus is Lord!

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Jan 26, 2023

In this live, Joseph talks about the micro-wins in the house of representatives with the new speaker of the house Kevin McCarthy. He also expounds upon the potential that the Brunson vs. Adams case has before the Supreme Court and the movement of real, Godly men coming on the scene!

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