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Joseph Z Podcast

Sep 27, 2023

In this live broadcast, Joseph Z exposes prophetic insights about a great collision of kingdoms like we’ve not seen before, exposing also a roar, and a war coming in the coming year. He goes on to share a video clip of the recent happenings with the Philippines Coast Guard, and also a video clip exposing the tension rising in the South China Sea, what with the military drill that’s been going on in this location for quite a while now. He goes further to encourage the ones amongst us who are yet to give their lives to Christ to do so, so as to stay safe from everything going on in the world today. 

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Moving on, Joseph shares once more, the recent goings-on in India with their security concerns regarding China’s ambitious moves to dock in Sri Lanka in the month of October. He went further to disclose that the Red Dragon is having a collapse internally, revealing also that their desire to come into the water lately could be fueled by a hidden ambition for war. Remember that on July 14th, 2021, Joseph prophesied that we would begin to see war games taking place in the ocean, and with what we’re seeing today in China’s desperate oceanic moves, this prophecy is not far from being confirmed. 

Also, Joseph condemns the demonic agenda of using a public figure whose character and image are questionable to help rebuild schools. He goes further to frown at this plan and questions why a Christian organization was not employed for such a crucial role as this. He stands firmly against human trafficking going on in subtle ways that evade the notice of a lot of people. He went on to reveal what to expect in the years to come, ranging from roars of war, and international conflicts. Again, he reveals that things will get more serious in a variety of fields, but believes that we’ll have a window of opportunity for change. He insists that there’ll be one more round of intervention, and also a secret uprising that will be exposed. 

Furthermore, Joseph reveals that he sees a middle-of-the-night activity that’s intended to change things overnight, but will be uncovered by the Lord before it comes to fruition. He insists that the world will not get better but the children of God will thrive; informing us also that we must occupy the world until the return of Christ. He went further to remind us that we're called to be obedient to Jesus and confront the darkness with the light of the gospel. He then confronts the spirit of fear in our lives and charges us to remember that God is calling us to a higher walk with Him and we must study the word of God until it starts talking back to us. He further urges us to present our bodies as a living sacrifice to God, and not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of our minds. 

0:00 Introduction
02:04 A Roar & War is Coming
03:18 The Red Dragon: In Trouble with the Philipines?
08:02 The Red Dragon Ship: Insisting to Dock in India?
10:33 Joseph’s Past Prophecy about Oceanic War Games
14:07 A Witch Ambassador for Schools?
16:58 Year 2024: What to Expect
19:20 A Window of Opportunity for Change
23:34 A Hidden Uprising 
26:23 Seven Thousand More Voices
28:34 Prayer & Declaration
37:29 Conclusion

September 26, 2023