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Joseph Z Podcast

Mar 29, 2023

Today’s live stream begins with Joseph Z prophesying about what’s happening with the then-president of America, Donald Trump. He recounts how they want to stop any hope of what’s going on with him, but he is assured that things will not go as they've planned. Continuing, he insists there's much to be seen here, and it won't be the end of the assignment. He went on to reveal that there's a potential that someone will come in to create an issue pertaining to what “45” is dealing with but in the middle of it all, a turn will come in the storm. He urges us not to be afraid with an assurance of springtime, an intervention that we all shall step into. He further assures that there'll be multiple facets and layers of God’s intervention at individual and corporate levels; also, that God will make what seems impossible possible.

Moving on, Joseph reveals as God has shown him, that there’s going to be One Million Strong coming into the kingdom, an advanced miracle, and a supernatural repositioning. He went on to prophesy about a million people added to the camp, who are able-bodied people, standing in the position God marked them for. He reveals that they’ll begin to stand up and won't fall for the pitfalls of the enemy. He further insists that God has raised the evangelists to prepare the one million who, despite all the darkness, shaking, and economic turmoil, will rise against everything that is happening. 

Moreso, Joseph reveals God’s message to him about evangelism through the media; also about how God wants to create valuable people, sons of Issachar, rising up and not falling for every evil wind that blows. These great people of God shall sow a million for a billion, a million new leaders, a million soul harvest, a million booths, and he assures us that God will not leave us behind. He further confirms the Lord’s word to him about an axe-head flow of anointing, and that God will make an impossible provision for us. Additionally, he reveals further, how God is looking for those that will say yes to him, and how he wants to pay in full and provide for those that say yes to him. He further prophesies about a new assignment coming for many and admonishes us not to be afraid in the middle of the storm coming, as there’ll be a miraculous increase to those who are obedient. 

Furthermore, he reassures us that all our days of sacrifices have come up to the Lord and that we will see Angel activity taking care of us. God assures us through Joseph, that he’s coming for sons and daughters, young lions, and promises a million for a billion. He again instructs America to repent to repair. He again, reassures us with the word of God in Proverbs 4:18 which reads, “the path of the righteous is like a shining sun that shines ever brighter until the perfect day”.  He then went on to remind us that it’s time to arise and shine in the Lord; charges us to prepare to outgrow our containment, and assures us that God will have the final say. He insists that although there’s a lot happening, it’s not the end and that God will use platforms for a manifestation of good. 

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0:00 Introduction
03:55 Things won’t go as Planned
07:44 One Million Strong
11:28 A Million for a Billion
15:35 The Blessing is Here
18:58 Angelic Activity
23:40 The Evangelists are Coming
26:57 God’s Instructions to Joseph Z
30:31 False Flag Narrative
34:42 We’re Standing with You
37:57 America’s Mountain
44:40 Individual Prophecies, Prayers & Conclusion

March 21, 2023