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Joseph Z Podcast

Mar 28, 2023

In today’s live stream, Joseph Z speaks about America's destiny, the destiny of nations, end times, and the “pretty pretty” preachers. He explains how Babylon and Nineveh have been described as the USA. Further, he compares the activities in these two cities in the Bible to what is happening in America. He revealed that America is in the valley of decision and must repent to repair it.

Moving on, he reveals the meaning of “pretty pretty” preachers, stating that they preach things they do not keep, and assures that they shall be exposed. 
He went on to enlighten us about mature believers who have the Bible in their system and let it guide everything they do. He then teaches that you have to be led by the spirit of God to understand what message he has for you. 

Furthermore, he alludes to the occurrences in the days of Noah, where wickedness distorted the DNA of humans. He reveals how this same deception is taking place right now with the nefarious activities of evil men celebrated by the people. He cautions that the activities of the CERN are currently going on open portals and gateways through which demonic entities gain access and communicate from the other side through physics. He also exposes that AI could be a system or the platform on which the antichrist stands.

Moreso, Joseph Z makes a shocking revelation about things that will strike or show up on the coast; he mentions the golf, sub-marina narrative, and coastal persuasion. He further reveals radioactive conversations, pollution, eco-Terrys, pipelines, blackouts, power grids, border-Terrys, and food plants to be most of the events that would sweep through the nation in no short time.
Despite all these fearful events, Joseph Z assures us of an intervention coming that would impede the activities of these evil men. Therefore, despite these bad things, Joseph urges us not to be afraid as God is bringing peace through the storm. 

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0:00 Introduction
03:29 Babylon and Nineveh
06:56 Mature Believers
09:54 Days of Noah
13:21 Speculations about Antichrist
16:14 Change is Coming
19:26 Eye of the Storm Moment & Intervention
22:46 More Prophecies
26:04 Eco-Terrys
29:00 Border-Terrys
36:15 Individual Prophecy
39:00 Conclusion

March 16, 2023