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Joseph Z Podcast

Aug 30, 2023

In today’s live broadcast, Joseph Z brings clarity to the black swan narrative, revealing that we’re witnessing an apocalypse by design at present. He shares a video clip of wildfires all over the world which he believes can’t be sheer coincidence. He also shares another clip showing some prominent men in the world disclosing that there’ll be another round of the disease that led to a lockdown in the last three years. Again, he reveals that there is an agenda to get rid of freedom of speech and a transhumanism agenda that is going on in the world today. 

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Moving on, Joseph brings to our attention a bizarre trend of mask-wearing that a lot of people are using to disguise and impersonate other people; these masks are so real that you can’t tell that they’re fake. He goes on to reveal that the agenda to bring down “45” wouldn’t be taken seriously if his winning wasn’t sure. Again, he reveals that as we’re heading toward the fall season, there’ll be plans underway to make people take vaccines that will supposedly protect them from the Covid 19 variant that may break out soon. He cautions that we be careful, and if we could, avoid taking these supposed vaccines as they’re not what they’ve made us believe they are. 

More importantly, Joseph continues to raise alarm about this mark of the beast precursor practice and insists that we desist from them completely. He reassures us that the end is not here yet, using the word of the Lord from Isaiah 60:1-2 to encourage us to arise and shine for the glory of the Lord has come upon us; for the Lord will arise over us, and His glory will be seen upon us. 

0:00 Introduction
03:35 Apocalypse by Design
04:24 Active Wildfires All over the World
07:18 Black Swan: Meaning
13:25 Video Clip of the World Agenda
18:11 The Bizarre Human Masks Trend
20:44 Continuous Rise of Darkness
24:26 Fall of a Movement Leader
25:22 Events to Unfold in Fall 
28:04 Caution about the Round Two of the 2020 Scenario
32:17 Isaiah 60:1-2: This is not the End
35:00 Conclusion

August 28, 2023