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Joseph Z Podcast

May 17, 2023

In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z teaches about false anointing, how to recognize it, and how we can overcome it. False anointings look legitimate and the only way to avoid it is to be inundated with the word of God. He explains that we never see something without value being counterfeited, the same is true with anointing, gifts, and calling. He further clarifies that people imitate the original because of personal gain; the key factor in identifying a false anointing is the motive, and also, false anointing is filled with deceitful teaching.  

Moving on, Joseph outlines why people engage in false anointing, which he clarifies to be the quest for access to something or people. He supported this with the word of God drawn from the book of II Timothy 3:1-5, which enlists all shades to a false anointing. He insists that the true intention of people who engage in false anointing is to gain access to people, and they are able to gain access most times because of some negative influences that created a vacuum in the lives of the people they’re seeking to deceive. 

Moreso, Joseph clarifies that someone with a false anointing resists the truth, and he charges us to be cautious, walk in the truth and have a discerning spirit in order to avoid false anointings. Additionally, he teaches us that some false teachers use storytelling to deceive their targetted audience, and they also employ flattery to gain access to people. He went on to clarify that the ultimate goal of the falsely anointed is to get something from their targets, and the only way to evade them is to read the word of God and let the light of God guide us. 

Furthermore, Joseph Z enlightens us that if something is dysfunctional, it’s going to show up in the ministry, or in the life of a person; also the foundation point for developing a false anointing is to be careless about the word of God and the people being ministered to. He further explains that people with a false anointing are not humble and they do not welcome authority, because they do not want to be cautioned or hindered.

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0:00 Introduction
02:20 The Motive for False Anointing
02:36 Beware of the Spirit of Criticism
04:09 I John 2:27
04:44 Interpretation of False Anointing
09:10 The Ultimate Goal of False Anointing
06:32 Effects of False Anointing: II Timothy 3:1-5
12:23 Mediums of False Anointing
14:16 The Need for Discernment
15:08 Storytelling: A Tool for False Anointing
19:00 Flattery: A Tool for False Anointing-Jude 1:16
21:08 Conclusion 

May 16, 2023