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Joseph Z Podcast

Sep 19, 2023

In today’s live stream, Joseph Z brings us back to his broadcast of September 20, 2022, where he earlier prophesied about Hawaii. He relayed the vision he had about Hawaii and how God urged him to pray at that time to avert what was to come. He questions the whereabouts of the missing children in the Hawaii incident and reminds us that there are serious events taking place that we need to pray about. He again, brings our attention back to the zombie prophecy that he made on the 7th of August, 2023; revealing also that a zombie army has just hit the scene, with the government lowering its bar in regards to the people recruited into the army. 

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Moving on, Joseph alerts us about a plan to stop the normalcy of society, revealing too, an agenda to push electric trucks on farmers. He goes on to alert us also, about the downside of this agenda and the negative effects it’ll have on farming generally. He went on to disclose that the need to push technology down people’s throats is a religion, driven by the antichrist spirit. Also, earlier this year, he prophesied that women of God shall rise to push back on the evil culture, and right now, we’re witnessing some strong women using prayer as a weapon in defense of truth and uprightness. 

Yet again, Joseph insists that the Lord will cause more Mommas to rise in defense of truth. He went further to reveal that there are plans to launch another pandemic; he prays fervently that this agenda does not pull through, and urged us to decline the vaccines. He again, reveals that there’ll be more fires in California which will be tagged as a natural disaster; praying for God’s protection over every one of us. 

Furthermore, Joseph reveals that there’ll be great earthquakes, and more talks about yellow stone and pressure with the airlines. Regardless of all these, he reassures us that the spirit of the Lord will not leave us empty-handed and that there’s one more round for us all; for we all, are anointed for this time. He reminds us that the Lord God loves us; also, declaring life over every one of us.

0:00 Introduction
03:28 Joseph’s Vision About Hawaii
05:18 Where are the Children?
08:30 Zombies: The Zombie Army
13:12 An Attack on Societal Normalcy
13:55 A Rise in Truckers: The Electric Truck Agenda
17:50 A Rise of Women of Fire: Momma Bears
22:22 Believers Stand Up Under Persecution
23:25 Pandemic 2.0?
25:02 More Fires?
27:16 The Great Quake & Yellow Stone
27:47 More Prophecies & Conclusion

September 18, 2023