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Joseph Z Podcast

Mar 29, 2023

Today's live stream began with a prophetic vision from Joseph Z about a word he saw in the air that reads "hidden truth in plain sight." As many things will occur in the government, church institutions, and the present cultural disposition, God will raise a million for a billion. 
He reveals that there'll be deliverance and evangelism, a cultural glimpse, hidden truth in plain sight, to those whose hearts are not completely hardened. He once again revealed that everything going on with "45" is a false flag and smokescreen, a great distraction from what is happening. He then said there'll be proper rightsizing of the prophetic ministry, a strong anointing to raise a million people, warriors to bring in the harvest of the righteous. They'll stand up against the wicked, perverted culture. He then reinstates that old warriors will rise, the outcasts and young lions will increase, and the God Almighty will remind them of their former days.

Moving on, he reveals that we'll see people bought and paid for, those who do not care about God, rising up to frustrate the assignment that God has assigned us all to, but then they'll be frustrated as God has already raised up a million for a billion. 
In the infotainment culture, opportunities will be given to see, through the spiritual eyes, what's happening. People will have a glimpse of everything going on and will heal afterward. But, again, Joseph emphasizes that America needs to repent to repair. He prophesied that "Josiahs" would rise, the young lions would begin to stand up, and although they may be young, they'll have authority and a voice, break into the archives, and release a brand new word for this generation.

Also, as Joseph was in prayer, the season we are in right now was revealed to him, which is a time of information and smokescreen, an illusion of so many elements; there’ll be threats and, eventually, victory in the middle of everything. He also reveals there'll be rapid fire and several circumstances, an uncovering, and the smokescreen will begin to pull away; also, a time of discerning will come. Then there'll be a focus on animals, almost like an illness, and more news about a cure or origins. In the vision, these animals will fall ill; poultry, cattle, pets, and marine life will not be spared. In the revelation, there will also be children or young people who'll be whistleblowers and begin to call these nefarious deeds to act.

He revealed that there'll be an exposure regarding the Superbowl, an "uncovering," and many people will be embarrassed. Then, it'll be more like a form of idol worship, then there will also be this entity of the revenue services, having a sense of justice come against it, almost like a ripping. He then reassures us that there'll be a spring intervention and that no matter how bad things are, they won't be as bad as they could have been. He then affirmed an open door, eyes of fear for the ungodly, and a rising up of sons and daughters; then, there'll also come a pushing back or confrontation of the enemy. 
Furthermore, Joseph assures us of light in Goshen amid all these catastrophes and calamities. More revelations exist on aerospace issues, economic battles never experienced before, confrontations, and hidden technology. But in all these happening, we should know that we're the light in Goshen, and all those who believe in God will be spared.

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0:00 Introduction
05:55 Strong Anointing
11:52 Josiah's Will Stand
15:54 Time of Information & Smokescreen
16:57 Time of Provision, Uncovering
21:01 The Superbowl 
26:58 Fall of 24 & Open-door
33:03 USA & Israel's Togetherness
35:30 Light in Goshen
43:25 Great Earthquake
45:12 The Push Back
50:55 Victim Mentality
57:07 Conclusion

March 22, 2023