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Joseph Z Podcast

May 20, 2023

In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z teaches about breaking deception; he also reveals the demon behind P.Diddy and Jamie Foxx’s illness. He declares that the Lord is making an advancement against all that is happening despite how strongly nefarious beings are committed to corrupting the culture and the church. He went on to expose the poisoning going on over food and water; he then disclosed that the Epstein list will reveal many others that are involved in what’s going on in the culture and that there’ll be a moment of safety for whistleblowers. He declares that Jamie Foxx will have an encounter with the Lord like never before. Also, he went on to reveal that the number one tool that false prophets employ is deception, causing people to wonder; he then charges us not to allow mysticism to come into the church of God.

Moving on, Joseph Z charges us to get into the word of the Lord, so as to be able to defeat the false teachers and prophets; as there are many using their gifts to disguise and deceive people as being called by God. He charges us further to remember that the scripture has no private interpretation and cautions us not to think beyond what is written, as instructed by the word of God. He clarifies once again that deception can only be overcome by getting absorbed in the word of God. 

Additionally, Joseph reminds us of his earlier teaching about the four aspects of spiritual prophecy and reveals that God will honor people that do not follow the trend, but only stick to the word of God. He analyzes further the characteristics of real, gray, and false prophecies; also, he declares that there’ll be a day of accountability for those who employ storytelling and other mystical gifts to deceive people. 

Furthermore, Joseph encourages that the church should have its eyes of understanding opened up right now; he then rebukes the third eye dema invading the culture and the church at present. He throws more light on necromancy, familiar spirits, and angels of light; he then exposes that these demon spirits can not operate without our permission. He charges us further to stick to the word of God, and not to violate the word of God, as our discernment will be off if we’re not absorbed in the word of God and under the guidance of the holy spirit. He makes more interesting revelations about the future, especially in the year 2024.

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0:00 Introduction
04:00 Third Eye Prophetic Movement
05:16 Culture Demon
07:06 The Epstein List: More Revelations
07:51 Safety for Whistleblowers
12:55 Outbreak of False Teachers
19:05 Spiritual Prophecy: Four Different Aspects
30:50 Eyes of Understanding: Hebrews 5:14
38:20 How Prophecy Works with Third Eye
54:57 Mentalism 
01:00:48 Hope for 2024
01:12:26 Conclusion

May 17, 2023