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Joseph Z Podcast

Mar 17, 2023

In this broadcast, Joseph Z interviews Bishop Alan Didio. They discuss a range of topics; Bishop Alan Didio introduces a communication strategy to navigate the current cultural moment, which is full of supernatural possibilities including the presence of demons and UFOs. He also predicts a massive Exodus and the return of creators who will explain away the Rapture. Collaboration with CERN is a critical aspect of this plan.

The prophecy warns of an attack on church leaders' finances and highlights the importance of support and accountability in these troubled times. National defense is also a significant concern, and the creation of new Commandments is necessary to ensure obedience to the Lord's plan. The Lord's Prayer is a crucial tool in overcoming evil, and a multiplying army is required to fight the spiritual battle ahead.

Ultimately, the prophecy emphasizes the importance of obedience and time, reminding followers to stay vigilant and steadfast in their faith. The conclusion offers a call to action, urging all believers to prepare themselves for the coming battle and to trust in the Lord's plan for their lives.

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1:31—Introduction of Bishop Alan Didio
3:10—Cultural moment
4:19—Supernatural possibilities
5:13 - prophetic word on UFOs
6:39 - massive Exodus
7:48 - creators coming back
8:30 - collaboration with CERN
13:22—Church leaders' support and accountability
14:00—National Defense
16:19—Creating new Commandments
18:16—The Lord's Prayer
21:15 - Overcoming the evil
32:27—Obedience and time 
39:33  Conclusion

February 23, 2023