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Joseph Z Podcast

Sep 28, 2023

“There’s no reason to go looking for ministry, you first look for the kingdom and then Jesus brings you things”. “It’s not the frontline that kills you, it’s getting off the frontline, thereby forgetting what the battle is about”. 

In today’s live broadcast, Joseph Z features Troy Brewer, and they talked about Troy’s ministerial work with vulnerable children. Troy shares how he started out with this ministry, which he disclosed began with his food bank initiative, which entails shipping food all over the world to the less privileged. On one of those occasions, he was introduced to two little girls with the proposition to use them for adult content, but seeing the ugly situation these vulnerable kids were, he utilized the opportunity to convert them to Christianity, which later led to the kickstarting of his children's ministry. Also, he goes on to share how he has maintained his passion for this area of ministry, given how challenging it is in terms of funding. 

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Moving on, Troy goes further to share some of the miracles he has witnessed, disclosing his favorite to be when hitmen came to his house to murder him and his entire family, but God used people whom he believed were angels to rescue him. Interestingly also, he shares how he switched from his food bank initiative to follow the path he’s now on; disclosing also, the vision he had that inspired this present calling. Again, he went further to share the project he has with the government which is related to rescuing traumatic kids who were once in the care of evil people. 

More interestingly, Troy leads us into his redemption ranch, where he accommodates all the kids who were rescued from different desperate situations. Interestingly enough, one of the victims he rescued, who is of Hebrew origin happens to bear a Hebrew name that means “rescued” when translated to the English language. Again, he shares how God shows him places in visions, and how people call out to him in some of these visions which as we learned will later become one of the places he visited. 

Furthermore, Troy shares what he’s up to at present, insisting that if the body of Christ doesn’t stand to rescue the vulnerable kids worldwide, nobody else will. Joseph then urges us all to lend our support to Troy, as we all know, he has always been passionate about rescuing our children from the present evil culture. In addition, Troy then prays for protection over every one of us, especially over the Z ministry, that God would continually guide and protect us from the eyes of the enemy. 

0:00 Introduction
01:27 Troy’s Starting Point in Children’s Ministry
05:33 Troy’s Motivation & Sustenance
07:50 Miracles Witnessed by Troy
09:22 Troy’s Experience with a Non-Verbal Kid
11:13 Troy’s Prophetic Visions
13:37 The Missed Miracles
17:17 Troy’s Partnership with Government Agencies
20:55 The Redemption Ranch
22:53 Namshi: The Rescued
26:57 A Call to Duty for the Body of Christ 
29:21 Conclusion

September 27, 2023